Inessa Kraft

Inessa Kraft • Actress official website

in award-winning films, comedy viral videos, TV series, 
official travel films & videos for Tourism Ministries.

Portraying adventurous and philosophical characters; 
 whether happy or sad, nice or evil, 
they are always inspiring

Commercial Actress and Presenter: 
Capturing moments of true happiness and bringing a sparkle of life in web & TV commercials. 
Hosting informational, travel, or corporate videos.

How I became an actress:
I was always interested in philosophy and human nature. 
Acting as the art of “living” instead of “acting mechanically”
fascinated me, so I studied acting and chose it as a profession.

Producer, Director, & Writer

Besides acting, I produce, direct, and write 
short films and viral videos, 
sharing inspirational messages about the world's beauty.

Philosophy • Education • Connecting cultures
- are the main topics of my work and life.


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