Hello! I'm Inessa. Thank you for checking my website.
Here's a 45-second summary:

skills and aims: 
 acting / bringing to life nice, evil, happy or sad characters
for films, ads and videos,
that inspire, lead to great light feelings, development or a smile
 revealing the moments of true happiness for web & TV commercials
  hosting informational, travel or corporate videos
 modeling / bringing a sparkle of life into beautiful still photos & print ads
➛ responsibly treating each shooting as special, either we work on a big set or in a small team
➛ directing, producing films that show the beauty of the world

how I became an actress
Acting as the art of “living” instead of “acting mechanically”
fascinated me, so I studied acting and chose it as a profession.

what’s on this website?
Resume • Videos • Compcards • Headshots • Gallery
News  • Stories & favorite projects in my Blog

experienced in:
film (drama / comedy) • advertisement (video / photo) • presentations (lifestyle /corporate)

where am I now?
South East Asia
in the recent 13 months I lived in 5 different cities, shooting in 15 cities all over Asia.

• dancing argentinean tango • writing • planning and developing photo/video shoot concepts
• after learning filmmaking in 2015-2016 I'm making short educational films
• 2017-2019 I was working on my own film Architecture Life Dialogue 


Architecture Life Dialogue  - (Writer, Director, Producer)
23 September, 2019 - "best director" semi-finalist at Alternative Film Festival, Ontario, Canada.
July, 2019 - "best screenplay" Award at Indo Global International Film Festival, India.
2-4 May, 2019 - Official Film Selection of the United Nations, SDG Global Festival of Action (Bonn, Germany) 

"Sky"- (Director, Producer) - Official Selection. Poetry in Motion Film Festival. Bangkok, Thailand
 “Snowing Summer” (Actress) is awarded at Thailand International Film Destination Festival.

Inessa Kraft