2019 an adventurous, philosophical, and fun film about serious topics: sustainability, the sharing economy, reducing food waste and many others...

Very busy 2 years: 
back to school - studying about sustainable fashion, sustainability, sustainable cities.  
production and post-production of Architecture. Life. Dialogue. 
Relocation to Greece with Manel and Aleksandra.

January-February-March 2017
Travel, family, lifestyle · Intercontinental Resort web video (acting/modeling - lead female), Samui, Thailand
➛ Contributing to an article"Where digital nomads are heading in 2017"on - here
➛ Lifestyle photoshoot with EveningSun photographs, Kuala Lumpur
➛ Portfolio update beauty photoshoot  · Clash Photography · Kuala Lumpur
➛ Portfolio update with Aleksandra Kuala Lumpur

October-December 2016
➛ Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Johor, Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok, Bandung 
"We are the Magic Koil" video clip for a Singapore-made mattress (video)
➛ "Silver plate and Film Photography" photoshoot, Singapore (more)
Fitness photoshoot for EveningSun photographs, Kuala Lumpur (photos)
➛ Yoga lifestyle photoshoot for EveningSun photographs, Kuala Lumpur

➛ "Bridal show" · Singapore Expo (model)
➛ "Corporate video · DODID" ·  360 Tour to DODID Company (actress/ host) (Virtual Reality)
➛ "SE Asia Conversation" · contributing video footage - breakfast in Singapore (filmmaking)
➛ "FFFA" · filming video and interviews for a charity organization "Free Food For All", Singapore (filmmaking).

 Acting / modeling projects in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - photos
"Bohenian Traveler" photoshoot for "Suria" with Natalia Del Rio · Penang, Malaysia - photos

➛ "Dream Job" · lifestyle video and photoshoot about Digital Nomads Lifestyle (lead female) Hua Hin, Thailand photos
 SPA Resort Hua Hin Cross-cultural communications · (trainer / presenter)

"The Mermaid Company" · photo/video shooting for an island-style jewelry · Ubud, Indonesia  (modeling - lead)
➛ "Adventures" · short film · Ubud, Indonesia (acting - lead)

 "Sky. Fascinating" · filming · Hua Hin, Thailand
 "Business situations" · lifestyle video shooting (acting - lead female)
 "Sky. Fascinating"· my directorial debut, screened at "Poetry in Motion" film contest · Bangkok, Thailand
➛ "Suwarnabhumi Airport Bangkok" · Audio Guide (voice over - lead) (check on the airplane screens) Bangkok, Thailand

 "Security Systems Camera" TVC · (acting - lead female) "behind the scene" photos
 "Joys and hardships of family life"· lifestyle video shooting (acting - lead female) photos
 "Elements of Renewable energy"· working on final tasks after 4 weeks of studying (online student)

 "Business situations" · lifestyle video shooting (acting - lead)
 "Beauty has an address" · shooting for Tourism Oman, in fascinating Oman with my family (acting - female lead) watch VIDEO here or on Euronews Channel

October-November-December 2015
  "Gemstone Collection"  · Audio Commercial (voice over - lead)
 "Royal Gems Pavilion" Museum · Audio Guide Commercial (voice over - lead)
 "Hypnosis" · Mobile App (voice over lead) - as a narrator/ hypnotizing voice for a "self-hypnosis" sessions mobile application.
  UNESCAP Energy Connectivity for Sustainable Development · (workshop - consultant)
  Film School  · working on final tasks after 28 weeks of studying. (student, Digital Arts, Filmmaking)

August-September 2015
 D'Ark TVC · (acting - lead female) check here:
 Sworkit Mobile App · (voice over - lead)
 Baby Shampoo TVC director's choice · (acting - lead)
 Horse riding photoshoot · new haircut - new portfolio
➛ Health and Welness Tourism conference · (communications - participant)

May-June-July 2015
 Slow-Lori Freeland PSA · (acting - lead) watch video & read more about it
 "Selling house clips· shooting for iStock video library (acting - lead female)
 SPA Resort Hua Hin Cross-cultural communications · (trainer)
 Vacations in Hong Kong ☼ 

March-April 2015
 Trane TVC · (acting - lead female)
 Berkrey Aluminum · TVC (acting - lead female)
 Roche · e-learning (voice-over, lead)
 Ambre Jolie Fashion · shop opening and exhibition (modeling - lead)
 Biologique Recherche · conference  (communications - participant)
 Golden Proportion · article (author)

January-February 2015
 "Healthy lifestyle" · lifestyle video shoot (acting - lead)
 "The Turning Point" · filming (producing, acting - lead female)
 "About relations" · lifestyle video shoot (acting - lead female)
 "Thai Airways" TVC · (acting - lead female)
 "Horizon Hotel" · Chiang-Mai photo and video advertisement (acting - lead)
 "Digital Nomad" · lifestyle photo and video shoot (acting - lead) behind the scenes
 "The Turning Point" · short film location scouting and preshoot (producing, acting - lead female)
 "Joys of Motherhood" · lifestyle photo and video shoot (acting - lead)
 AFPPD · (communications - participant)
 Pepsi Co · Cross-Cultural communications training (communications - trainer)

➛ Voice over: DITP, Chevron, Solaris, BMW, Mini Cooper, Gems Collection (lead)
➛ Fashion Solution DITP TVC (acting - female lead)
➛ MICE in Thailand video presentation (acting - businesslady-chef)
➛ Essilor TVC (acting - girlfriend)
➛ Ambre Jolie photoshoot (photoshoot concept, modeling - lead)
➛ Japada fashion collection photoshoot (modeling - lead)
➛ Coca Cola annual conference (public speaking - participant)
➛ Six Senses Hotel investors meeting (public speaking - participant)
➛ Femme Feline fashion film (acting - lead) · IMDb
➛ SPA Resort Hua Hin Cross-cultural communications (trainer)
➛ Ayuthaya Museum video guide (acting - lead)
➛ Hewlett-Packard audio commercial (voice over - lead)
➛ Napasai Hotel advertisement photoshoot (modeling - female lead)
➛ De Bougainvillea beauty photoshoot (modeling - female lead)
➛ Pathumwan Princess Hotel advertisement photoshoot (modeling - female lead)
➛ Award for Snowing Summer
➛ Film Festival Snowing Summer screening
➛ Snowing Summer short film shooting (acting - lead) webpage
➛ Siam Absolute fashion video (acting - lead)
➛ Elizabeth Koh catalogue photoshoot (modeling - lead)
➛ Bodhissara Estate Chiang Mai advertisement photoshoot (modeling - lead) more