September 2019
Architecture Life Dialogue - "best director" semi-finalist at Alternative Film Festival, Ontario, Canada.

July 2019
Architecture Life Dialogue - "best screenplay" Award at Indo Global International Film Festival, India.

June 2019
Architecture Life Dialogue presentation by Inessa Kraft at Zero Waste Festival of Athens. 

May 2019
A list of 11 films made it to the Official Film Selection of the SDG Global Festival of Action (Bonn, Germany) and we are truly honored and delighted to see that our film Architecture Life Dialogue is one of them.

2019 an adventurous, philosophical, and fun film about serious topics: sustainability, the sharing economy, reducing food waste and many others...

Very busy 2 years: 
back to school - studying about sustainable fashion, sustainability, sustainable cities.  
production and post-production of Architecture. Life. Dialogue. 
Relocation to Greece with Manel and Aleksandra.

January-February-March 2017
Travel, family, lifestyle · Intercontinental Resort web video (acting/modeling - lead female), Samui, Thailand
➛ Contributing to an article"Where digital nomads are heading in 2017"on - here
➛ Lifestyle photoshoot with EveningSun photographs, Kuala Lumpur
➛ Portfolio update beauty photoshoot  · Clash Photography · Kuala Lumpur
➛ Portfolio update with Aleksandra Kuala Lumpur

October-December 2016
➛ Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Johor, Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok, Bandung 
"We are the Magic Koil" video clip for a Singapore-made mattress (video)
➛ "Silver plate and Film Photography" photoshoot, Singapore (more)
Fitness photoshoot for EveningSun photographs, Kuala Lumpur (photos)
➛ Yoga lifestyle photoshoot for EveningSun photographs, Kuala Lumpur

➛ "Bridal show" · Singapore Expo (model)
➛ "Corporate video · DODID" ·  360 Tour to DODID Company (actress/ host) (Virtual Reality)
➛ "SE Asia Conversation" · contributing video footage - breakfast in Singapore (filmmaking)
➛ "FFFA" · filming video and interviews for a charity organization "Free Food For All", Singapore (filmmaking).

 Acting / modeling projects in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - photos
"Bohenian Traveler" photoshoot for "Suria" with Natalia Del Rio · Penang, Malaysia - photos

➛ "Dream Job" · lifestyle video and photoshoot about Digital Nomads Lifestyle (lead female) Hua Hin, Thailand photos
 SPA Resort Hua Hin Cross-cultural communications · (trainer / presenter)

"The Mermaid Company" · photo/video shooting for an island-style jewelry · Ubud, Indonesia  (modeling - lead)
➛ "Adventures" · short film · Ubud, Indonesia (acting - lead)

 "Sky. Fascinating" · filming · Hua Hin, Thailand
 "Business situations" · lifestyle video shooting (acting - lead female)
 "Sky. Fascinating"· my directorial debut, screened at "Poetry in Motion" film contest · Bangkok, Thailand
➛ "Suwarnabhumi Airport Bangkok" · Audio Guide (voice over - lead) (check on the airplane screens) Bangkok, Thailand

 "Security Systems Camera" TVC · (acting - lead female) "behind the scene" photos
 "Joys and hardships of family life"· lifestyle video shooting (acting - lead female) photos
 "Elements of Renewable energy"· working on final tasks after 4 weeks of studying (online student)

 "Business situations" · lifestyle video shooting (acting - lead)
 "Beauty has an address" · shooting for Tourism Oman, in fascinating Oman with my family (acting - female lead) watch VIDEO here or on Euronews Channel

October-November-December 2015
  "Gemstone Collection"  · Audio Commercial (voice over - lead)
 "Royal Gems Pavilion" Museum · Audio Guide Commercial (voice over - lead)
 "Hypnosis" · Mobile App (voice over lead) - as a narrator/ hypnotizing voice for a "self-hypnosis" sessions mobile application.
  UNESCAP Energy Connectivity for Sustainable Development · (workshop - consultant)
  Film School  · working on final tasks after 28 weeks of studying. (student, Digital Arts, Filmmaking)

August-September 2015
 D'Ark TVC · (acting - lead female) check here:
 Sworkit Mobile App · (voice over - lead)
 Baby Shampoo TVC director's choice · (acting - lead)
 Horse riding photoshoot · new haircut - new portfolio
➛ Health and Welness Tourism conference · (communications - participant)

May-June-July 2015
 Slow-Lori Freeland PSA · (acting - lead) watch video & read more about it
 "Selling house clips· shooting for iStock video library (acting - lead female)
 SPA Resort Hua Hin Cross-cultural communications · (trainer)
 Vacations in Hong Kong ☼ 

March-April 2015
 Trane TVC · (acting - lead female)
 Berkrey Aluminum · TVC (acting - lead female)
 Roche · e-learning (voice-over, lead)
 Ambre Jolie Fashion · shop opening and exhibition (modeling - lead)
 Biologique Recherche · conference  (communications - participant)
 Golden Proportion · article (author)

January-February 2015
 "Healthy lifestyle" · lifestyle video shoot (acting - lead)
 "The Turning Point" · filming (producing, acting - lead female)
 "About relations" · lifestyle video shoot (acting - lead female)
 "Thai Airways" TVC · (acting - lead female)
 "Horizon Hotel" · Chiang-Mai photo and video advertisement (acting - lead)
 "Digital Nomad" · lifestyle photo and video shoot (acting - lead) behind the scenes
 "The Turning Point" · short film location scouting and preshoot (producing, acting - lead female)
 "Joys of Motherhood" · lifestyle photo and video shoot (acting - lead)
 AFPPD · (communications - participant)
 Pepsi Co · Cross-Cultural communications training (communications - trainer)

➛ Voice over: DITP, Chevron, Solaris, BMW, Mini Cooper, Gems Collection (lead)
➛ Fashion Solution DITP TVC (acting - female lead)
➛ MICE in Thailand video presentation (acting - businesslady-chef)
➛ Essilor TVC (acting - girlfriend)
➛ Ambre Jolie photoshoot (photoshoot concept, modeling - lead)
➛ Japada fashion collection photoshoot (modeling - lead)
➛ Coca Cola annual conference (public speaking - participant)
➛ Six Senses Hotel investors meeting (public speaking - participant)
➛ Femme Feline fashion film (acting - lead) · IMDb
➛ SPA Resort Hua Hin Cross-cultural communications (trainer)
➛ Ayuthaya Museum video guide (acting - lead)
➛ Hewlett-Packard audio commercial (voice over - lead)
➛ Napasai Hotel advertisement photoshoot (modeling - female lead)
➛ De Bougainvillea beauty photoshoot (modeling - female lead)
➛ Pathumwan Princess Hotel advertisement photoshoot (modeling - female lead)
➛ Award for Snowing Summer
➛ Film Festival Snowing Summer screening
➛ Snowing Summer short film shooting (acting - lead) webpage
➛ Siam Absolute fashion video (acting - lead)
➛ Elizabeth Koh catalogue photoshoot (modeling - lead)
➛ Bodhissara Estate Chiang Mai advertisement photoshoot (modeling - lead) more